Although I’ve had a full and varied career, there’s no role I’ve relished more than that of spiritual teacher. There are three pillars on which my consulting is based:

  • Thoughts and beliefs literally shape our reality and any limiting belief can be identified and dissolved.
  • Knowing and operating in alignment with what is most authentic about our core Self is the key to living our highest life expression. The core is where our brilliance lives — and I feel it is my life’s work to help people uncover this brilliance.
  • Visioning, intention, purpose, belief, determination and action are the strongest tools for creating what we want in life. But, a wise balance of desires and acceptance, or nonattachment, are what will keep the journey pleasant in every given moment, as where there are desires there will be disappointments. The methods I teach help people navigate with inner peace and resilience no matter what is served up along the way.

 If you are interested in my background prior to this, I’ve spent most of my career building businesses, both for myself and others. My first business was a matchmaking service for busy professionals which I sold to a national company out of Chicago. I opened and ran all their Texas offices for a few years. After interviewing thousands of singles, I gained all kinds of interesting insight into the human psyche. It was a wonderful, exhilarating eye-opener. I have spoken around the country on the subject, was tapped as a Southwestern Bell spokesman on dating and technology, was featured on the cover of Dallas Woman and in publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Dallas Morning News and on shows such as “Good Morning Texas”, “Good Day Dallas” and “Good Morning America.”

My second business was a PR firm, which I had for about 15 years. I loved this aspect of my career because it honed my skills as a researcher, writer, promoter and speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many entrepreneurs reach their dreams and cash out.

 My vision for this site is to help individuals realize their strengths and worth and to provide the social and emotional intelligence tools for lasting personal transformation.  I speak and write on authenticity, mindfulness, contemplative practices for well-being and all kinds of topics that allow us to make those small shifts toward our authentic core. For me, the more I stay in alignment, the more I live completely in the moment with heart, not head – stronger, happier and more empowered. I love sharing what I’ve discovered and am always jazzed to present things in a way in which I see light bulbs come on. We are meant to be concentric human beings that radiate out from our unique, one-of-a-kind core being. Whenever we do this, we shine with a brilliance that lights the world.