Hi my name is Sandra M Bell, I am a master accredited hypnotherapist and integrative life coach. Although I’ve had a full and varied career, there’s no role I cherish more than this one. Because, now I help people tear down invisible walls they’ve so wanted to remove – subconscious  programming – limiting beliefs that, many times, have been there since childhood. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people breakthrough to a more positive and empowered life.  

I believe in the life-changing abilities of hypnosis, not only because I’ve witnessed the results for others but because I have also used hypnosis successfully to enhance my own life.

The reason I became a hypnotherapist is because most of our bad habits, negative and limiting beliefs, and addictive behavioral programming resides in our subconscious. In my view, there was no better tool than hypnosis to help people make the changes they so desire to make. In a nutshell, hypnosis slows down brain waves using techniques that cause a deep state of focused relaxation. This makes the subconscious more receptive to positive suggestion and empowering change.

Everyone has tried using positive affirmations over and over with little luck. The logical, conscious mind just kicks them right out. But, get into the subconscious and then you are much more able to make the changes you desire.

 I absolutely adore developing new and innovative hypnosis sessions for clients and for Youtube. And, the beauty of guided hypnosis meditation is, you are always in control. You decide what is changed, what stays and what goes. You are always in charge of your thoughts and your decisions as to how you want to enhance your own life.

I hope my recordings and sessions are of extreme benefit to you and that you are able to create the life-reality of your dreams.


Sandra M. Bell