Welcome! So glad you found Trekkin the Life Authentic.

This blog is about rejoicing in your journey, honoring it, respecting it, and providing the upliftment, tools, techniques and methods we’ve discovered for getting unstuck along the way. It is accepting of who you are, where you are — exactly as you are. You are perfect – know that from the get go. You don’t need any site to fix you or make you into something that you are not. This site is about loving life, tweaking it, finding ways to get maximum mileage from the journey. I’m so in for that ride, any and every day. And, I hope you are too! Jump into this convertible and ride with me to emotional freedom…


 A couple things to know about the blog. One, when you hear the word authenticity here, it’s not used like it is in most places — regarding surface, ego-based things like dressing in your own funky style. Although, that’s cool too. Authenticity as it is used here is about aligning with your true core, what is most divine within you. Secondly, I’m an expert in this area, not because of  having always been great at living my authentic purpose. Au contraire! I did everything but that for the first half of my life. Living as a perfectionist and people-pleaser (for all the wrong reasons) for decades, I can certainly speak on the ills of not tuning in to yourself and following your true inner guidance system. It’s definitely not the sweet spot. But, after years of study and alignment work, I can also speak on the joys of clarity and awareness regarding the true self and how one can forge an authentic path to emotional freedom using small shifts in that direction, moment by moment. And so, now you know the two biggest reasons for this blog and my passion for the subject.


 Here, you’ll also find many articles and videos that explore thoughts, belief systems, brain reprogramming techniques, mindfulness, courage, fear, resiliency, anti-aging and health research, the latest in neuroscience and a lot more. I hope you take a moment to subscribe, so you’ll never miss an article. Again, so glad you are here! Blessings!