There’s nothing like a friend that knows what you are going through, knows where you’ve been, your struggles, your fears and your wildest dreams. My vision for this site is to be a place you can come to, like an old friend. This place is accepting of who you are, where you are — exactly as you are. You are perfect – know that from the get go. You don’t need any site to fix you or make you into something that you are not. This site is about loving life, tweaking it, finding ways to get maximum mileage from the journey. I’m so in for that ride, any and every day.logo-graphic

One of my favorite topics is authenticity. I feel, I’m an expert in this area, not because I’ve done an excellent job of living my authentic purpose. Au contraire! Living as a perfectionist and people-pleaser (for all the wrong reasons) for decades, I can certainly speak on the ills of not tuning in to yourself and following your true inner guidance system. It’s definitely not the sweet spot. However, I can also speak on the joys of finally cluing into the authentic path and all the ways in which one can make small shifts in that direction, moment by moment. We’ll also explore thoughts, belief systems, brain reprogramming techniques, mindfulness, courage, fear, resiliency, anti-aging and health research, the latest in neuroscience and a lot more. In the process, I’ll consult with many true experts and the most current studies and research. I hope you take a moment to subscribe, so you’ll never miss an article. Blessings!