The Course Includes:

Lesson 1  – What is Keeping You From Inner Peace:

  • In Lesson 1, you will learn what is keeping you from inner peace.
  • I will teach you about how your desires and fears shape your reality and what is at the bottom of all that motivates your every move.
  • You will also learn about how your physiology is a strong factor in holding you back from inner peace and the manifestation of your best life. This is important, as you will gain a strong understanding of why the solutions in the program work.

Lesson 2 – How to Begin to Tame the Mind:

  • There are seven segements in Lesson 2 in which you will begin to learn the fundamentals for taming the mind.
  • You will learn two strong paths that have been used by the enlightened to transcend the ego mind.
  • I will guide you to the pure awareness state of which I call home base. Once you start to get a taste of home base, you’ll want to make it your permanent home.
  • You’ll also begin to learn subtle aspects of your core authentic Self.
  • And, much more.

    Lesson 3 – Proven Practices for Rewiring the Brain for Peace:

    • I will teach you two scientific methods for grooming a more positive mind.
    • You will also learn my favorite method for pruning away old negative thought patterns that run as subconscious programming, keeping you stuck in place. It has moved me light years from the life I knew ten to fifteen years ago.
    • We’ll also give you a practice for identifying and eliminating the strongest culprits that are holding you apart from the inner peace, love and natural bliss that is inherently you.
    • And, much more.

    Lesson 4 – The Three Parts of Self:

    • This is a powerful lesson in which you will become intimately familiar with the three parts of Self. Knowing your true Self and aligning with all aspects of your self is the goal of this course. Becoming one, truly whole, is the healing you seek. 
    • This lesson will help you see the individualized consciousness or ego mind that you have built up over a lifetime for what it is – a collection of thoughts that are mostly limiting.
    • You’ll gain a foundation for moving past that which holds you back.

      Lesson 5 – The Authentic Self & Navigating To It:

      • In this lesson,  I will teach you several of the most divine aspects of your true self.
      • You’ll also learn ways in which you can align with these parts of yourself. Suppression does not work. You will always be encouraged throughout the course to actually feel with your heart what you are truly feeling, honor your feelings without labeling or judgement. And though suppression does not work, you will learn throughout the program what does work.
      • And, much more.

        Lesson 6 – The Authentic Self & Navigating to it Part II:

        • You will discover more powerful aspects of your true authentic Self.
        • Also, we will cover how to align with these parts of yourself.
        • The third segment of this lesson will discuss the contradictory nature of the mind. You will also learn techniques for uncovering and dissolving these contradictions. Your mind’s web of contradictions can keep you frustrated and stressed out, even frozen in place. This a strong section for moving toward your wholeness.

          Lesson 7 – Dissolving the Blocks Caused by Memories:

          • Memories can cause belief systems, blocks and triggers within you that hold you back from peace and manifesting the most brilliant and enchanting life you’ve always wanted. In this lesson there are ten powerful segments that will help you learn about each of your energy centers and how to recognize and dissolve the blocks that are holding you back in each.
          • You’ll also have a segment that recaps and pulls together concepts from throughout the program.
          • We’ll also discuss concepts around true transcendence and its attainment.
          • And, much more.

          “Oh my gosh!! It is truly life-changing.  So much wisdom. I finished last night. This is something I will use over and over again. I can’t wait to start at the beginning again because there is so much to really sink in. It’s wonderful!” — D.J.

          Here’s What You’ll Receive:


          A comprehensive and intensive self-paced, audio training program for aligning with your authentic nature and uncovering your most brilliant self and life. On average the program takes three to seven weeks to complete. But, there is no hurry – go at your own pace. There is no time limit.


          The program includes 7 major lessons which break down into 31 audio topics. You will also receive detailed notes, step-by-step intstruction and summaries.


          You’ll also receive three powerful meditations that you can return to over and over again (as is the case with all the course materials).

          I really loved this course, especially the parts that teach you how to work on clearing each chakra (so beneficial to me). I will always practice what I learned here.” — Karen

          With Inner Peace Mastery and your diligent practice,

          you can expect to:


          • Experience more inner peace, love, wholeness and natural bliss

          • Dissolve emotional pains, blocks, and triggers caused by memories

          • Experience better, more loving relationships
          • Know yourself at the deepest levels
          • Cultivate a clear mind, good heart and magnanimous nature
          • Become massively more resilient
          • Become a powerful creator of your life

          And, as with all my products, there’s my guarantee!!



          Try My Program For the Next 7 Days…


          If for any reason you’re not happy, just let me know before the 7 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple. I love no-risk adventures – don’t you!

          Take the materials to heart from day one. Sincerely practice the methods and techniques taught, and you’ll be amazed at your shift in consciousness. You’ll begin to see yourself and your world in a whole new way. These practices are age-old, tried and true. There’s peace and natural bliss that is inherent in your divine nature. Everything you truly desire is already within you. I’m excited to guide you there.