courageWould you like to know what people really love? They love courage. Some of the most popular posts I’ve had (and others as well) are the ones that demonstrate fearlessness. We admire it. We want more of it. But, what may really blow your mind is I can tell you absolutely that you are fearless at your core already.

One way to know what is authentic within you is to watch your emotional barometer. Whenever we act counter to what we are authentically, we feel bad in some way – mad, sad, disgusted, frustrated, envious etc. I call it the “Inauthentic Ick” (which I’ll discuss in great detail in my next book.) But for now, the Inauthentic Ick always creeps in and shows itself when we act counter to our authentic Self. That’s why when your higher Self hands you a dream or idea and you are too afraid to go for it, you feel disgust with yourself, shame, regret or even depression. Your higher Self deals from a more infinite perspective, thus knowing there is nothing that can befall you here that will truly effect you in the long haul. Your higher Self is fearless and changeless and nothing on this level of consciousness will ever effect your true Self (note, Self with a capital ‘S’, versus the individual self that we think we are).

So how can we use this going in to the New Year? Make this year different – really something vastly different.  Do you really want a replay of years past? It’s comfortable, yes, but I don’t think that is what you came for. I think you would like to be the hero of your story, to make great things happen, connect with people, make things right, make the world a better place in some way. How do we know this? Just look at our top box office movies each year. It’s always dominated by movies with Super-heroes and ordinary heroes that care and go out of their way to make things right. We love characters with super inner strength, solid values, and extreme courage. The number one movie last year was Captain America and it took in $408 million dollars. When you combine that with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,  Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, and Doctor Strange – all movies with characters possessing super powers, you find that over $1 billion was spent just on these four movies alone last year. They were among the top 11 box office hits. We love courage. We love strength of character. And, obviously we all long to be more — all that we can be.

We look around at the world and circumstances we are born into and assume that that is all there is. The brain is powerful, but needs a conscious being to drive it to places it has never been. If we do not drive it, it will stick with memorized reality, with what we’ve learned from our ancestors, society and our own past. In other words, when we keep our minds in autopilot, we get a whole lot of the same old same old. Your authentic spirit wants to find it, know it and love it. This is within us at our core. These aspects of our core are what pushes us beyond our boundaries and evolves us and our world. When my youngest nephew was a baby, about 1 or 2, he had an insatiable appetite for books. Even though he could not read them yet, he’d page through them for hours. He wanted to absorb all the pictures on every page of every book in the house. This is that inner urge.  When we can’t find the courage to go out and find, know and love new things and experiences, we feel upset or restless.

You are so much more than you currently think you are. This year, go and explore that. Reach for the things you’ve always wanted to experience. Help out in ways you’ve always wanted to but never could find the time. And, spend time on identifying with your true Self, that which is behind the frenetic activity of your mind. If you do this diligently, you’ll find that you are fearless, loving and wise. And, you already know this to be true. Think about it. Has the spirit within you aged one bit with your body? Or, is it the same as it has always been (perhaps, just a little more wise)? Your spirit is that witness that is ever calm, peaceful, timeless and changeless. It wants you to be victorious.

Be your own super-hero this year. You have all possibilities at your disposal. Blessings!
Sandra M Bell
Author of “Lunchtime Joy Magnet” & personal coach