personal breakthroughYou are an authentic soul and there is music within you that only you have and that only you can play out in the world. It’s in there and it wants to come out. Am I right? However, sometimes it is hard to get the courage or remove the perceived creative blocks that stand between you and that totally new level of you. As God is my witness, you have so much to offer the world. Don’t sit on it. Don’t hold it down. And, for Pete Sake, don’t ignore it.

So, let’s get down to it today and look at some solid tips for busting through your personal barriers. Here are things to think about, engrain and practice to achieve the breakthrough you really want.

1.) Get Out of Your Own Way – Or better put, get out of your head. As I did, you may find it fascinating that researchers are finding that many creative savants have a ‘dash’ of autism. In other words, they have slight impairment to their brain’s left hemisphere giving them right brain dominance. We don’t tend to perceive all the data points that are coming our way in any given moment because of the filters in our brains that screen everything through our past experience. However, where most of us tend to conceptualize what’s coming in, these creative geniuses are able to receive more of the raw data available – because their logic side of the brain is turned down a bit. That’s why many savants can draw or paint with amazing realism. So, if you want to be available for more raw intuition, work on operating more in pure awareness, above the biases and preferences of the mind. Tuning into the breath often will help you clear the mind so you will be able to notice when true inspiration drops in.

2.) Burn the Boats – One of the best ways I’ve found to transition to a new personal paradigm is to wake up and decide to just be the new reality. I remember seeing a Pitbull interview years ago in which he said he didn’t advocate “chasing your dreams,” you just have to wake up and start living them. In other words, burn the boats so there is no leaving the island. Then you have no choice but to do what is necessary to make it work. Get a good grasp on your vision and act it out every day.

3.) Cultivate a F@c# The Critics Mindset – Even as we are not fully aware of it, fear of failure is at work. No doubt, it is scary putting yourself out there – taking on a venture that could soar or fall flat. Know that there will always be critics. Cultivate that “So what?!” within you. You are here to express your authentic self, so don’t hold back.  As Andy Warhol said, “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” I also read a recent article by Seth Godin who addressed the fact that there will always be naysayers. He said, “Ignore it. Shun the non-believers and ship your work.” I also like Brene Brown’s thoughts on the subject. She said the critics are the one’s hiding behind a computer screen. If they’re not bold enough to climb into the arena and get bloody and sweaty with you, there’s no reason to listen to what they have to say. Be bold my friends. You’re on the verge of a breakthrough!

4.) Put Your Sleep Time to Work – In a recent article I read in Scientific America, they said “Dreams are simply thought in a different biochemical state. We continue focusing on all the same issues that concern us while we are awake.” So, here’s how you can put sleep time to work for you. Write down a sentence or two about the challenge you are currently working on before bedtime and leave it and the pen on your bedside table. As you relax for sleep, spend a little time thinking about the problem and set an intention for your brain to work out a solution during the night. When you awake and while you are still bleary, reach for the pen and paper and remember the question and any remnants of your dreams. You may be surprised at the answers that can come during your sleep.

5.) Remind Yourself to See Failures and Setbacks as Opportunities – This is a great skill that successful creators have and it can be cultivated. They see failures as learning opportunities – “Hey, here’s one more way a light bulb won’t light. I’m getting close to a solution!”

6.) Take Nature Breaks – Walk outside when you hit a creative wall. Reconnect with nature. Give your mind a break in this way and you’ll be happy with all the inspiration that starts to flow once you remove your own performance pressure.

Here’s to all the personal breakthroughs you have coming! As always, I wish you blessings.

Sandra M Bell

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