Online, On-Demand Courses & Seminars

Sandra M. Bell’s signature course is a self-paced intensive dive into practices, philosophies and methods that have been proven to groom a more positive mind and peaceful inner landscape. Using a combination of scientific and spiritual concepts, you are guided to deep self-knowledge and methods for gaining inner peace and higher levels of consciousness. When you apply your sincere diligence to the practices in this program you can expect to experience more inner peace, love, wholeness and natural bliss; dissolve emotional pains, blocks, and triggers caused by memories; experience better, more loving relationships; know yourself at the deepest levels; cultivate a clear mind, good heart and magnanimous nature; become massively more resilient and a powerful creator of your life.

    Live Events

    How to Raise Your Frequency

    (To Become a Powerful Creator of Your Life)

    May 13 7:00 P.M. CST – Live Online Workshop

    Manifesting the life you want is done most easily and expeditiously when you are in the zone. In other words, you become a powerful creator when you are in alignment with your true authentic self, your core divine nature. This night will be all about ways in which you can raise your frequency to get into and stay in a receiving, allowing space for your heart’s desires.  You’ll learn what successful people in the world know –those that paint their world easily, excitedly and deftly. Become a powerful creator – one that manifests the highest version you!

      Overcoming Fear

      (To Reach Your Dreams)

      May 20 7:00 P.M. CST – Live Online Workshop

      Fear can keep us stuck. Many times it is not the teeth-chattering kind of fear, but a negative belief system based on a subconscious fear that holds us back because the root source is not consciously recognized. Manifesting a life we desire becomes easy when we are able to recognize and deal effectively with fears. This workshop will give you methods and concepts for moving past your fears to create the life you want.

        Find, Attract & Keep the Love of Your Life

        June 3 & 4th 7:00 P.M. CST – Live Online Two-Night Workshop

        What you may not know about Sandra is she used to be a matchmaker and nationally-recognized expert on the subject of dating. She has been featured on Good Morning America, morning shows throughout the country, in the Dallas Morning News, Sacramento Bee, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine and many more media outlets. Having interviewed and worked with 1000s of singles, she has seen the running themes in what works and what does not work in dating. Now a spiritual teacher, she applies the core wisdom of Self and principles of authentic alignment to those running themes. In this workshop you will gain insights into why some people attract love easily and why some repel it. You’ll come away with a strong understanding of how to be your most authentic self and attract the kind of love you’ve always desired.

          Manifesting Wellness, Peace & Wholeness

          June 17  7:00 P.M. CST – Live Online  Workshop

          In this one-night workshop Sandra applies her principles of authentic alignment to reveal the secrets of wellness, peace and wholeness. Prior to her 15-year quest to find inner peace and transcendence, Sandra had suffered a number of critical illnesses, some quite mysterious. During the course of this evening, she will take you through the concepts and methods she used to regain her health and wholeness.

            Couple’s Therapy

            (Love, Healing & Unity Through Authentic Alignment)

            Six Tuesdays – July 2 – Aug. 6,  7:00 P.M. CST – Live online Group Therapy

            Whether your relationship is going through a slight down period or a crisis, this group session gives couples the tools and guidance to right the ship. There are many reasons a relationship can experience a downturn, and there are many ways to recapture the unity and commitment that was there at the start. Over the course of this six-week program, Sandra will cover the principles of authentic alignment and how they can be specifically applied in a relationship. Together, you’ll learn how to align with your loving, fearless, magnanimous, and peaceful nature and how to provide an accepting, loving and nurturing space for your relationship. You are powerful creators and together can create the relationship you so desire.