Inner Peace Mastery

This course is a self-paced intensive dive into practices, philosophies and methods that have been proven to groom a more positive mind and peaceful inner landscape. Using a combination of scientific and spiritual concepts, Sandra M Bell guides participants through everything she uncovered over a 15-year period that transformed her life from daily bouts with stress, anxiety, frustration and sadness to unshakable peace and natural bliss.  Take this course and apply your sincere diligence to its practices in order to experience true emotional freedom.

Inner Peace Mastery provides principles, practices and guided meditations that are powerful tools for aligning with your peaceful, fearless and loving core nature. When applied as moment to moment practices, these concepts help you ascend to higher and higher levels of emotional freedom. When diligently practiced you can expect to:


  • Experience more inner peace, love, wholeness and natural bliss
  • Dissolve emotional pains, blocks, and triggers caused by memories
  • Experience better, more loving relationships
  • Know yourself at the deepest levels
  • Cultivate a clear mind, good heart and magnanimous nature
  • Become massively more resilient
  • Become a powerful creator of your life

This is the Table of Contents. There are seven major lesson catagories below. Once you’ve signed up for the course, the Table of Contents will unlock so that you can progress at your own pace through the 31 topics which includes 33 audios.

Here’s to your journey! Expand. Grow.

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