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Slim and Fit is not just for some. And, it’s not about crazy diets and yo-yo-ing weight up and down. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle. The Slim & Fit Mindset is an intensive hypno-series that helps cultivate the beliefs, behaviors and lifestyle of slim and fit individuals. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it combines deep relaxation with engaged focus to work with the subconscious at a very deep level. The subconscious is where negative behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs live. If you’ve experienced weight challenges over a period of time, you can bet it is a combination of both beliefs (about your body, weight & food ) and your ingrained behavioral patterns. This program attacks both at the deepest level. Change your relationship with food and create healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle that will help you achieve your ideal body and keep it! 

Sandra M. Bell’s signature course is a self-paced intensive dive into practices, philosophies and methods that have been proven to groom a more positive mind and peaceful inner landscape. Using a combination of scientific and spiritual concepts, you are guided to deep self-knowledge and methods for gaining inner peace and higher levels of consciousness. When you apply your sincere diligence to the practices in this program you can expect to experience more inner peace, love, wholeness and natural bliss; dissolve emotional pains, blocks, and triggers caused by memories; experience better, more loving relationships; know yourself at the deepest levels; cultivate a clear mind, good heart and magnanimous nature; become massively more resilient and a powerful creator of your life.