diversity is beautifulHave you seen Hidden Figures yet? If you haven’t, I’d urge you to do so. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in years. My friend Cindy and I went about a week ago and our reactions throughout the movie stood out in my mind as a true marker as to how times have changed – – for the better. In the coffee pot scene (trying to not be the spoiler alert), we both muttered expletives under our breath and looked at each other with a combination of disgust and embarrassment for the Caucasian race of that time. There were a number of scenes like that in which we felt hot around the collar, wanting to stand in for the character and punch the prejudiced antagonists squarely in the face. I know, sounds extreme for the “inner peace” gal. But hey, we’re not about suppressing emotions here. On the other hand, Cindy and I pumped our fists in the air in shared victory with Mary Jackson’s emergence from the courtroom. We fully relished every victory, small and large that the three women experienced throughout the film. It’s a great film that puts us in the other’s shoes in such a way that we feel our underlying oneness in heart and soul.  I can’t say enough good things about this uplifting movie.

There have been quite a few great films in the past few years that depict the ugliness of prejudice in our not-so-far-off past. For me, the hope is that they do not open up the wounds that are just beginning to heal, but instead remind us of what we never want to revisit, in our societies or hearts ever again. Looking back just 40 or so years ago is like peering into the dark ages.  Let’s pray that nothing take us there again!

To make sure we keep evolving toward a more and more enlightened future, let’s consider the beauty and happiness that comes from including diversity in all forms in our lives. Diversity is the spice of life. And, I’m talking diversity of all kinds – age, color, race, gender, opinion, religion and political persuasion. It makes our lives more colorful, more full and complete to embrace all as part of the colorful tapestry of which we are a part. I even like to think of my new husband’s differences and idiosyncrasies as the spice in my life. We are the same in some ways and very different in others, and I love, love, love that. I love him for his one-of-a-kind fabulous self.

One of my most popular posts so far was simply a gorgeous landscape in explosion of color with the caption “May your life be colorful.” This is what I was referring to – the beauty of coloring your world by including people in your reality that don’t look like you, act like you, or think like you. Think of each soul you encounter as an original masterpiece that enhances your life path, makes it more interesting, more rich, abundant and thus happy.  How boring would it be if we were all alike? People would be jumping out of windows just to stop the endless monotony.

Nothing has made me more sad recently than to see all the verbal attacks on people who voice political views on Facebook. We’ve seen friends hurt and alienated. It happens all day long on the news as well (which is the primary reason I choose to not watch). If we don’t agree, we don’t agree. It’s okay. And, silence can be a powerful, respectful and peaceful response. It ripples out and shows compassion for where people are on their path, rather than chiding and embarrassing, which only alienates, divides and tears down.

But, that’s enough about the negative side of the two sided coin. The positive side of that bright shiny coin called diversity is that all faces can shine in our personal worlds when we take on a love for inclusion and acceptance. Collect friends and loved ones of all opinions, race, religion, age and walk of life and watch your world bloom with color and richness. As always, I value your comments and opinions. Please post them below. Blessings!

Sandra M Bell