railroad track-w-qtOkay, we’re already into February. Are you starting to forget about your New Year’s resolutions or are they still in the cross hairs of your sight? This is just a quick post to keep you telescoped in to the passions that really make you excited. What makes your stomach tickle with anticipation? What makes you perk up and wistful just to think about it. Write them down, make time for them. Have you ever had a year that just seemed to slip away from you? Don’t let this be one of them.

Use this time at the first of the year to make your passions and dreams a priority. Get them on your calendar now because if these things excite you, they should be part of your authentic life, one way in which you align with authentic self, authentic happiness! Don’t let time get away from you sweet friends! As the picture suggests, time will run over you and leave you behind if you don’t act! Blessings and motivation!!
Sandra M Bell
Author of “Lunchtime Joy Magnet” & personal coach