Today’s guided hypnosis meditation is called Eliminate Limiting Beliefs through Cybernetic Transposition. This will give you a powerful tool for identifying and replacing limiting beliefs. And, it is an empowering guided hypnosis meditation that you can revisit anytime you identify a limiting aspect of your self concept. You can return here as many times as you’d like to improve your world and your personal reality.

Psycho Cybernetics is a healing modality used often and effectively. It was introduced by Dr. Maxwell Maltz in 1960 and has been used by therapists with much success ever since. What he found is everyone always acts, feels, believes and behaves in accordance with their self image. So in essence we can only act and achieve as great as the self image we currently have. The problem is much of our self-image was formed prior to the age of seven when we had yet to form conscious filters of our own to throw out bad or unwanted ideas or bad programming. Other people’s ideas and ways of behaving were adopted as true and as our own, just absorbed like a sponge, while we were very young and still operating in our subconscious minds.

Today I will take you on a soothing hypnosis adventure that will guide you through the process of Cybernetic Transposition where you will be able to safely and effectively work on a limiting belief or part of your self image that you have identified as needing change or upgrade. If you haven’t identified an area on which you’d like to work — no worries – your mind will deliver the answers as we go. Because I will be combining Dr. Maltz’ processes with potent and effective hypnosis techniques that allow you to enter and work with the subconscious mind – you will be able to better achieve your intended results.

Before we get started let’s look at that voice within that produces limiting thoughts so that you may start to put a finger on what you want to work on today. You know that voice right? That voice that says “I’m not good enough” in some form or fashion. Perhaps “Why can’t I ever get ahead” or “Women don’t find me attractive” or “That big deal always eludes me” or “I’ll never get that promotion” or “I’m not good in social settings” or “I’m not as lovable as other females” or “I’m stuck in the mud and can’t seem to get traction to that next level” or “I will never be a good public speaker”.

As I just spoke, your mind may have wondered off and tapped on one that you’ve thought to yourself in varying ways or forms. Having popped up randomly, first coming to top of mind, it may be the one with which you would like to work with today. If nothing came up, relax and follow along and it will revel itself to you. As you can see these types of thoughts are negative and limiting. With thoughts like these your world focus narrows to limited possibilities. Those types of thoughts go up like invisible walls that block off greater possibility. When we bring down those walls you open up a whole new world of opportunity for yourself. At first glance, your logical conscious mind may say “Oh, I think those things because it is true.” But, in reality, we adopted many things as “true” when we were young that in fact were someone else’s ideas of the world or of how others should view or treat us. Also, we make a lot of snap judgments along the way. They are just ideas and all thoughts can change. Adopting your own new truths and views of the world is a way to write your own script, create your own and better reality – to open up whole new worlds of possibility. And today that is what we intend to do. Enjoy!

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