Gift by Andrey

Gift by Andrey

When I talk to my PR clients, I always like to come full circle to the subject of excellence. In any marketplace excellence is recognized and rewarded. Look at Apple for instance, they were the first to make a ridiculously useful cell phone with features far beyond what any other cell phone had offered. And, they have dominated the market for years. All the other cell phone companies are just now catching up.

So it is with our authentic gifts. No one else in the world has the unique set of gifts and talents, put together in precisely the same way that you do. As the New Year closes in, I’d like to inspire you to take inventory of your authentic gifts and talents, align with authentic self. Spend time on a vision for your life, a better life. And, meditate on these promises of excellence for a fabulous 2015 (and overall life):

1.) I promise to define my passions, talents and values. No one is, has ever been, or ever will be exactly like you. Define your strengths. Know your talents and values. These are the areas in which you should focus; everything else is just background noise. Hone these as they are where you can shine most brightly and serve the world uniquely. Knowing, refining and combining your passions, talents and values where ever and whenever you can will make you more productive, focused and happy.

2.)  I promise to look for opportunities to give and make a difference. It’s easy to think “When will I ever get a break, that opportunity to really shine?” But, we are already on our platform every day. Yes, that spotlight is on you right now. So, shine baby shine! Having fully defined the areas discussed in #1, you know where and how you can best serve. But it does not have to be anything grand. Each day unfolds with opportunities for gestures small and large – a simple compliment, acknowledgement, a generous tip for good service, a smile, a nice text or email. Giving of yourself is a certain energetic currency that always circulates back around. Excel here and reap the abundance.

3.) I promise to be the partner, coworker, and friend I would like to have. We live in relationship. Most of our daily lives are in interaction with people. How we commune with them drives our evolution. So this is a promise of excellence that will greatly enhance your life and that of those in which you come in contact. Whether it is your spouse, a friend or a one-time encounter, think “How would I want to be treated if I were in their shoes in this instance?” Acting accordingly will not only make your authentic core glow, but each act of compassion will usually surprise you with a flow of more ease, cooperation and kindness flowing back in your direction. You’ll forge healthy relationships and a better life experience.

4.) I promise I will fully appreciate each moment.  There are a couple of secrets that will help you with this one. If we all mastered this, we’d have the keys to the universe. What helps me is to stay consciously aware. It’s an ongoing practice of mindfulness that even if I had 1000 lifetimes I know it’d be hard to master.  It’s knowing when I’m ruminating (visiting the past or future) and always gently pulling myself back to the present moment (with no reprimands, judgment or negative self-talk). To fully appreciate the moment in which I’ve pulled myself back to, I also breathe deep and use my senses. What does the moment feel like? What are the smells, the sensations? Hone excellence in appreciating the uniqueness of each moment you are given and each day becomes more enchanting.

5.) I promise to listen to my heart. Our hearts are not wishy-washy emotional things. Oh no! This is where divine wisdom resides, intuition. Gut instinct is always true and reliable. So, when we are feeling emotions like sadness, remorse, boredom, anxiety, stress or anger, we should take pause for an inventory of what is really going on within us. Developing a trust in your emotional guidance system will lead you to authentic excellence, authentic self.

Now it’s your turn! Please chime in below with the areas that you want to develop excellence in the coming year or years… Blessings!

Sandra M Bell
Author of “Lunchtime Joy Magnet” & personal coach