meditation aligns with authentic selfYou probably will get a very different take on aligning with authentic self on this blog than you might on other blogs or books on the subject. Where many may focus on authentic passions and purpose and going with what you feel, I believe if you want to get to the core of who you really are, it goes much deeper than that. It’s very easy to think, “Well if I just say or do what I feel at any given moment that is the authentic me.” It’s the real ego-based you at that moment, one that is acting on conditioned responses, a combination of memories, past judgments, behaviors, experiences and subconscious engrained thought patterns. And as the Seinfeld crew would say, “there’s nothing wrong with that” – that is, of course, if you want a life that looks and feels much like your past. But, if you are looking to create a better life, one that is truly aligned with authentic self, this article and this blog will help you to go deeper.

To get down to authentic self, it is a matter of aligning with that which is whole (and thus holy) within you. This part of you is your real nature and can never be destroyed. It is creative, loving, timeless and peaceful, because it is the unadulterated connection you have with the supreme intelligence that created all and permeates all. This is “the real” without the unreal cover-up of the ego-mind. No matter which spiritual tradition you follow, at the center of each you will find that we have been cut from this same cloth, this same essential nature.  As humans, we are always looking for this experience or that experience in our attempts to aim for fleeting moments of happiness, when enduring authentic happiness can only be attained by aligning with this true core authentic nature.

That brings me to meditation. There simply has not been a better tool for my stripping away the ‘unreal’, the senseless and many times stressful and hurtful mind chatter, and getting down to love, compassion, oneness, creativity, true intuition and inner peace. Below, you will find the five ways in which meditation helps you align with your authentic self.  I’d love to hear your comments and things that have worked equally well for you in staying aligned with your core essence.


1.) Reduces Stress & Ups Inner Peace – When you meditate each day it teaches you to just be a witness to your thoughts – to notice them come up but not engage with them. The thoughts end up passing over quickly like clouds on a windy day. Over time, this practice helps you create a more open, uncluttered mind-space, as you extend your practice of passing on ego-based thoughts throughout the day. Any thoughts of what ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ or things out of your control that might bother you are truly not worth the energy, stress and ill effects on your well-being and health. A long-term meditation practice helps you cultivate the inner peace that is your true essence and birthright.

2.) Turns Down Judgement & Turns Up Love and Compassion – In the same way that meditation increases inner peace by training us to pass on stressful thoughts, it can increase feelings of love, compassion and oneness as well. When we disregard thoughts of judgement or labeling in the same way we do the stressful thoughts, we cultivate a mindset of acceptance of people, things and generally ‘what is’.  Developing a practice of not judging other people throughout the day, nets a surprising result — you begin to feel less judged.  The absence of judgement creates more feelings of peace, acceptance and ‘live and let live.’ And, on the rare occasion you do think someone may be sitting in judgement – your more apt to feel ‘so what’. It is just your perception of what their perceptions might be and neither is real. Reality is love and oneness and we manifest more and more of it as thoughts of judgement are ignored. It brings a fresh and greater meaning to the old scripture “judge not, least ye be judged”.

3.) Increases Creativity & Intuition – Have you ever noticed that when the mind is frenetic it is hard to think, much less be creative. The most fertile and creative mind is a peaceful one in which inspiration, curiosity and intuitions can drop into the peaceful void naturally. A meditation practice that eliminates the mind chatter discussed in #1 and #2 throughout the day leaves your spirit open to natural creativity.

4.) More Ability to Align with Authentic Passions, Values & Life Purpose – And, just as you are more creative and intuitive with a strong meditation practice, your open, positive mind space will also allow you to listen to your heart and your gut more instead of the incessant mind chatter. Your soul signature has unique passions, values and purpose which naturally arise with ease when the ego-mind is put at bay.

5.) Creates More Authentic Happiness – As your meditation practice clears the old ego-based thought patterns and as mentioned above you are able to align with your loving, creative, peaceful and naturally inspired self, you will enjoy the underlying bliss that is authentically you. I call it authentic happiness because absolutely nothing needs to happen for it to occur. It is your natural bliss that is there when you rise above the turbulent mind. When you spend more and more of your life in the unadulterated present moment, you are able to experience more of your timeless inherent bliss.

I hope this article has been helpful in outlining how meditation helps align you with your true authentic nature. I will probably do a how-to-meditate article at some point in the future. But, in the meantime, there is lots of good material out there on the internet already. One of the best courses I’ve found is by Sounds True called Meditation Summit. You learn many different styles from the world’s leading authorities on meditation and mindfulness, which you can then choose the techniques that you like best to practice regularly.  They also carry a variety of guided meditations and mindfulness audios if you just want to dip a toe in at first.

As always, I love your feedback… Blessings!

Sandra M Bell
Author of “Lunchtime Joy Magnet” & personal coach