I am enough morning meditationThere’s a lot going on right now – and it could be that way for a long time. My concern is that you take care of yourself – physically and mentally.

It’s okay to feel and carefully process the feelings we have during this time. And, God knows, they aren’t all going to be rosy. Feel what’s coming through, notice it, hold space for it. If you do this without judging the thoughts or labeling the situation or giving it a storyline — just notice and feel — the bad emotions will transition through so much more quickly.

That said, this week’s post is a guided 10 minute morning meditation (although you can do it any time) called I Am Enough. It contains ‘I Am’ affirmations to strengthen your self worth, self love and self compassion.

Hang in there. We will get to the other side of this pandemic.

Be well.

Sandra M Bell

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