New Year's ResolutionThe year is wrapping up. Can you believe it? I’m still in a state of disbelief. And as usual for this time of year, I have been thinking a lot about the New Year, what I want it to look like and how I want it to feel like emotionally. But, this year I want my resolutions to be different in a major way.

In the past, my pre-New Year visualizing and resolutions have been about control. Let’s face it. We want to control the outcome. We’d like next year to be the best ever, complete with butterflies following us about and little Bambi’s peeking out from behind random trees, and bluebirds singing outside our windows. No doubt, I’d like to skip out my front door each day, whistling a happy tune, down a path sprinkled with gold fairy dust. I’d really like that, I really, really would. Or, I could go for a Heidi-esque sort of cold winter day scene in which my fiancé and I snuggle up in front of the warm hearth for lunch and roast chunks of cheese over the fire, enjoying them on thick crusty baguettes with a little hot apple cider to wash it down (imagine doing that high-carb, high-sugar scenario with no guilt, lol). Yes, those sorts of days would be nice, very nice. I have no shortage of imagination about how I’d like the days to play out next year. However, I want to continue with a concept that is working out for me because not every day will be ideal. This concept still needs perfecting in my mind and practice. So that is my goal for this coming year, to work on this one resolution.

1.) To See Life as a Play.

Yes, this may be the oddest sounding resolution you’ve ever heard, but hear me out. Some of the spiritual teachings I’ve studied instruct us to look at life like a play, a play in which every character is the Source playing a different part. When I look at life this way, I don’t feel separate from others, but more connected to them. There is more appreciation and compassion for the part they have decided to play out. This concept allows me to better accept the bitter and the sweet too. There will be tragedies. There will be some drama. When we view this as part of the playground of consciousness, knowing that when the play is over, all characters will return to the whole (and in fact, never left the whole), peaceful, timeless, blissful awareness, unaffected by the game, there is more freedom, less attachment to outcome.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to better witness the play with enough detachment that I can love all aspects of what transpires. When our hearts get broken wide open, we can honor that, feel it, know that it is love that makes the hurt run so deep. We can also know that if we don’t like the part we are playing, we have the free will to rewrite our script, even jump into a whole new character if it suits us. Every day, is a new chance to rewrite our part and we can cherish this world’s playground as such, the perfect place to try on anything, wear it around, see how it feels and discard the story lines in our heads that aren’t working out for us. We are all going to be fine in the end. We are. Let’s take our daring stabs at what we want on life’s banquet. But, then hold onto what comes from the table with the lightest touch. Not even a light touch, how about we hold them in the open palm of our hand like a feather that can blow away gracefully with the wind in an instant. It’s okay. It’s all transient and it’s okay.

Let me know your thoughts on this New Year’s resolution, please. And, as always, I hope your day and your life is blessed.
Sandra M Bell
Author of “Lunchtime Joy Magnet” & personal coach