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I’m Sandra.

A spiritual teacher and author

dedicated to helping you align with

your authentic core for more consistent

inner peace and joy.

I’m so glad we’ve connected!

“One month later, you’re words are still with me! Thank you for driving 200 miles to share your beautiful SPIRIT and WISDOM. Moved, touched and enlightened — thanks to YOU!”

Anna Maria Garcia

Audience Member

Recent Posts

Don’t Let Otto Warmbier Die in Vain: Let’s Rise Up For Peace

The news of Otto Warmbier’s death struck me more than any other horrific piece of news lately. And, the news keeps resonating; it’s like a warning bell that won’t go off. It’s like I’ve been taken beyond any reasonable point of acceptance. I hate to say, but in some...

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How to Carry Out a Personal Breakthrough

You are an authentic soul and there is music within you that only you have and that only you can play out in the world. It’s in there and it wants to come out. Am I right? However, sometimes it is hard to get the courage or remove the perceived creative blocks that...

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Are You Expanding? And, is that the Whole Point?

Don’t you love those moments when you first wake up? The bed is warm and cozy; the house is quiet. Most days I wake to a Tarzan yawn from my husband, which I love. He gets up much earlier than me, so this gives me time to feel a bit of luxurious laziness while I...

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Are You Prepared for the U.S. Dollar Collapse?

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that I care deeply about your inner peace and well-being. So, at first glance this post title may seem off topic, but in reality I feel compelled to write about what I see in the markets so that you can prepare...

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Six Unexpected Finds in New Happiness Studies

What if I told you that you could be happier if you just hung loose with little or no expectations, ate more vanilla yogurt, watched nature shows, chatted up strangers, attended more cultural events and ate more fruits and veggies? You would probably think I was not...

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“I’ve heard Ms. Bell speak to women about living purposeful and empowered lives. I was inspired, everyone was, and I think any women’s group should book her if they get an opportunity. Highly inspirational!”

Cindy Irvin

Country Club Consultant

“Stress is an issue with each and every one of us with the related toll on our time and lives and way of life . . . Your passionate presentation focused our membership on ways to address the stress in our lives and techniques for reducing and/or eliminating stress and the effects it has on us . . . All in attendance benefited from your time with our club membership . . Thanks for sharing with us.”

Frank M. McLaughlin III

Event Director