courage is a decision by decision choice

I thought about the brave and bold
That reach high goals and take big risk;
Perhaps a talent when one gets old?
Girl, that logic doesn’t hold.
Lil Tommy pole vaults skyward now
Junior high and fierceness untold!

Is it a gene that comes with birth?
Inherited like eyes of blue,
Oh silly mind you bring me mirth.
If were so, we’d breed for courage
Families of super heros
Flying high, on life’s cutting edge.

Well maybe it’s a gift from God,
some get the gift and some do not;
On favoritism I’m not sold.
Brains and hearts all of like substance
Does user turn these parts to gold?
Mind works hard to break the hold.

Inner eye whips around to see
the memories that are inside of me
They flash on fearless memories.
It was a choice each time I breathed
And stood at open lion’s mouth;
Decision I alone conceived.

by Sandra M Bell, Blessings!