positive energy chakra cleanse meditationToday’s post contains a short guided meditation for positive energy and chakra cleanse . I like this one a lot and hope you will too! It’s a great one to start the day with and return to anytime you feel the need for it.

As events in our lives create memories, it is these memories that can create emotional blocks in our energy. Forgiving, releasing and letting go, early and often, is the best way to clear the chakras and create positive energy in our lives.

I’d invite you to remember that life is a continuous transition from one event to another. Change is a constant. The challenge is to not get attached to the outcomes of any of these events. It is the clinging and attachment to past events that causes discomfort and blocks in our flow forward.

That said, nothing feels better than living carefree, in love and gratitude, without grudges, shame, or guilt.

As always, would love to hear your feedback on this positive energy chakra cleanse meditation. Stay safe and blessed!

Sandra M Bell

P.S. During this Covid-19 pandemic, or anytime, if you have any meditations or hypnosis recordings you’d like me to produce, I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

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