We all want increase. We all want more of the things we desire in this lifetime. Don’t feel bad about that! It’s normal and natural. Desire is what drives us to create a life. It’s what expands our universe, makes things interesting – a true adventure!!

With all the downtime afforded by this pandemic, what better time than now to work on ourselves and our vision. By now we all know, having the life of our dreams doesn’t come by accident. We have to think it up, move toward it – create it. And so, that is the theme of this week’s meditation. I’ve created a powerful abundance meditation that helps you visualize the life you want more vividly and grow an abundance consciousness.

The universe is magnanimous by nature. Everywhere you look there is abundance. There’s trillions of blades of grass, billions of clouds, every kind of wildlife species you can possibly image, flowers and trees of all variety — billions of people and each and every one is unique — not a one is the same. We have abundant variety all around us every day. We have infinite choices and possibilities every minute, and many times we take for granted that we have the luxury of choosing which direction we are going and at what time.

We are creators with every single thought and direction — and what an amazing gift that is! We have the opportunity of a lifetime – literally! Literally – this is your lifetime opportunity. What are you going to do with it?! What are you doing with it? What kind of life are you creating for yourself?

If you haven’t thought about it lately, well, you’re normal. Life gets in the way, doesn’t it? But, that’s what this meditation is for — to help you dream again. To help you envision and create all the abundance you’d like to experience in this amazing journey. I hope this guided meditation blesses you in  many, many ways.


Sandra M Bell