String of Hearts by Louise Docker

Photo: String of Hearts by Louise Docker

Recently a friend confided to me that they may be facing a layoff. And, I can completely relate to the fear of having my financial apple-cart upturned. Each year about this time, lots of companies put big changes into the works and sometimes we can’t help but feel the ground shifting beneath our feet.

And, there is something about entering a New Year, isn’t there? After the holiday hustle and bustle and time off, it’s not hard to feel you’re entering the New Year too full of turkey and a little behind the eight ball. A brand new slate and you’re already a little behind.

We all have a bit of trepidation about the unknown, yet change is a given in this world. In life as we meet challenges and obstacles, it’s easy to think “Hmmm, am I on the right path? Would life give me this kind of push-back if I were truly on the right path, if I were being my true authentic self?” I believe the answer is yes. The obstacles and challenges are the path. Your heart is your guide as to how to handle them, which challenges to take on, which to ignore and which are signaling to course shift.

So, here’s two strategies to think about and perhaps try on for reducing New Year anxiety:

1.) Pay attention to Your Emotional Guidance System

The first important part of the game is staying tuned in to your heart. As you think about options for the year, listen to your heart as it is your emotional guidance system to staying aligned with authentic self.  That is most of the game not only at the beginning of the year but every day. Keep reminding yourself to check in with yourself “How do I feel right now?” The heart is not wishy-washy as many would think. It is thoroughly honest and connected to your divine wisdom. As you sit down to chart a vision for this year, check your heart as you throw around thoughts and directions. The thoughts that make you tingle with excitement are the ones that need to be written down and scheduled in. The ones that make you feel dread, numbness or boredom should probably not be part of your path.

2.) Know Your Game

The second important part of the game is knowing your game (where am I going and why, what talents and gifts do I bring to the table, does this path make my heart sing, is it worth my time on this planet to serve in this way, am I standing in my values, aligned with authentic self). If you were to realize the highest version of who you can be, what would that look like? What would it feel like?

You’re going to have challenges, change, and fear from time to time. But, when you face challenges and obstacles on the path to a  vision you are excited about and know you alone have crafted and can make happen, will it not be easier to face-down the voices of fear? Listen to your heart. Blessings!
Sandra M Bell
Author of “Lunchtime Joy Magnet” & personal coach