release negative energyNegative energy is something we are all plagued with from time to time. And, for me, the important work becomes “How can I clear this,” “How can I remove this negative energy”?  Life is short and I don’t like wagging around negative vibes.

Oh yea – sometimes when we feel oh so right and know that someone else is oh so wrong, it feels quite righteous to play that tape in our head over and over. But, ultimately the repetitive playing of the tape, stoking those flames, and fuming every time we do, just hurts us. Not only that but moods can become hardened ways of being, as cells get addicted to the emotional chemical compounds we create most and sends signals to the brain asking for more of the same.

Of course, negative energy can can come in so many shapes and forms. Grief is another form that can feel right but have us stuck in a reality of negativity that is not good or healthy. Grief can hold us apart from a good and joyous life. And, you are so very deserving of a good life.

Things happen. We make missteps and mistakes and so do others. Moving past to a place of acceptance, understanding and even empathy (for ourselves or the other) is the work, isn’t it? It allows us to enjoy what time we have here.

Precious soul, please remind yourself from time to time – – everything on this planet is transient. Let’s do the work to flow with change and not become stuck in resistance.

I’ve created this guided hypnosis meditation called “Release Negative Energy & Emotional Pain.” I hope that it does a world of good for you.


Sandra M Bell

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