acts of loveWhen I think about the stand-out personalities in my life, I don’t think about the most famous, wealthy or charismatic people I know. I think about the people who seem to have cared most about me, the people who always greeted me with some act of love or caring. Don’t you feel this is one of our biggest legacies? We will probably be remembered most for how we make people feel. So, today I thought I’d bring up three acts of love that make people memorable (and lovable) in my mind. I’d also like for you to chime in with acts of love that have left their indelible impressions on you (below in the comments). In these, you can feel the authentic love that one is come shining through.

Act of Love: Listening

One of the things I adore most about some of my closest friends is they have a knack for listening. Do you have friends like this? You know, the kind of peeps that are always actively listening. They are not just faking it. And, you know this, not only because of their silence and eye contact, but because they ask questions that let you know they are engaged in the conversation. They don’t switch the topic to them and their issues at the first pregnant pause. And, when you are talking about a problem you have, they come back with responses of “how can we solve this thing”. They take on the challenge as if it were their own.

Really listening is an act of love. It shows you care, that you are involved and engaged in a person’s life. I would go as far as to say it takes down the wall between the two individuals. You connect on one unified train of thought at a time – like a micro-journey together. I think the reason we love it so much when someone really listens is we know we are being heard. We all want to speak our authentic voice and be heard. When someone gives us this gift, we always remember them fondly for it. It’s an expression of love, and we love them back for it.

Act of Love: Excited to See You

When we used visit my grandmother out in the country, she would always have her ears cocked to hear our car coming down the gravel road. Without fail, she’d be at the opened screen door with a broad smile on her face and a greeting like “Eww-wee it’s hot out here. Ya’ll come in – get in this house!” Then we’d each get a bear hug and kiss as she ushered us to the kitchen, which always smelled like heaven. She was excited to see us and not afraid to show it. Now, you know that welcome made us feel loved and special. It always did and it still does. I’m typing and smiling like a goon right now!

My friend Cindy is also awesome with this act of love. Every time I see her, even if it’s been a few days, she has a big excited smile and hug for me like I’m her long lost friend. It’s fabulous. Really, there’s not much in this world that feels better.

My friend Robert is someone I’ve rarely seen since college. But, when I do, he always greets me with a big smile and a compliment.  Now, I know this is his mode of operation and that he does this with everyone, both male and female. But, my little brain does not care. When I get that happy-to-see-ya smile and, “Boy Sandy, you just never age do ya!” – my insides do the happy dance.

It’s something to think about, huh – so easy to do, and so meaningful to our hungry souls.

Act of Love: Remember & Do the Little Things

My husband is great at remembering and doing the little things. For instance, if he’s making himself a smoothie, he makes me one. If he’s going to the store, he asks if there’s anything I need. He brings me a glass of water each morning and remembers the date of our first date. For me, someone with no memory for detail, I marvel at his ability to remember things that are important to me and bring them up, because what’s important to me is important to him. It’s love in action and that’s why we all adore this so much.

My mother is like this too. She can remember details from my life of which I have no recollection.  That’s because she sees our relationship as a partnership, as does my husband. The small details are where collaboration and partnership live. We know we are loved when these little details aren’t missed. Our lives are only a collection of these small details – lots of micro-moments put together.

Please chime in with the acts of love that are most memorable for you! Till next time – blessings!

Sandra M Bello