healthcare workerLast week as President Obama referred to medical workers fighting Ebola in West Africa as ‘a shining example of what America means to the world,’ I was reminded of the deep gratitude I have been feeling lately for all of our medical caretakers.

Think about it, health professionals somehow know at a rather young age that they want to take care of people who are at their very worst. They go through years and years of schooling and training and many times emerge into their professional lives with heaps of debt. And all of this is just to be surrounded each day by pain, infection, gross and disgusting maladies, fear, depression, anger, sadness, death, dying and even hysteria.  Many put their lives in jeopardy just to save ours. In my view, they are not just heroes in our fight today against Ebola, they are heroes every single day, no matter what aspect of our health they are determined to cure. Medical professionals are brave and caring supermen and superwomen, before they even earn the right to dawn the scrubs and lab coats, just for having the heart to want to take these conditions on to care for us. Thank God they listen to and follow their passions and align with their true authentic self

As they are putting it on the line for us everyday, I’d like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you know and say thanks. You’re bound to know a nurse, doctor, radiologist, lab technician, therapist, physician’s assistant, paramedic, optometrist, gynecologist, dentist, surgeon or other healthcare worker to which you can text, email or Facebook a note of gratitude. Let’s thank them! It’ll make us feel good. It’ll make them feel good (and good lord — they deserve it). There is no better time than now to pay tribute to those who take care of us. Blessings!

Sandra M. Bell

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