First, I hope you are staying safe and well, both mentally and physically. There are things about this pandemic that want to take center stage in our consciousness. But, hopefully, we can be mindful and refocus when those Covid-19 thoughts want to take over.

That said, I think this new meditation is just the thing for now. It’s a morning meditation that takes less than 10 minutes. This meditation, called Welcome the Day, is inspirational and is meant to motivate, uplift and empower. It’s the kind you can return to again and again for a fresh restart and recharge.

I’m praying for ya’ll and the whole world and know with certainty that things will return to normal and we’ll all be stronger and more grateful than we ever have been.

If you are having struggles, don’t hesitate to email me. Also, you know I so love your feedback and comments.

Love you. Be blessed!!

Sandra M Bell