There is nothing more beautiful, more attractive than your raw humanity. Without any ego, without any embellishment, you are stunning and perfect just as you are. There has never and will never be anyone exactly like you. Today celebrate you – the powerful, the fearless warrior within. Today’s piece is about getting back to whole – the inner peace and love that is your authentic nature.

We spend a lot of time here on the fractured self. The fearful self. The ashamed self. The self that gets its buttons pushed daily. The pissed off self! And of course we can’t forget the self that is always chasing happiness. We talk a lot here about chasing desires – how we think that this thing or that thing will do it for us. But, pleasing the sense organs is always a fleeting happiness kind-of proposition. It’s funny (yet tragic) the way we become the world’s programmed pawns – always Goldilocks in The Three Bears saga. The porridge can’t be too cold or too hot. And, what about the bed? Is it hard enough with just the right amount of softness? Why can’t that dude get off my bumper? And, where is the waiter with that check? Everything always has to be just right.

So our brains are always on alert and checking in. Is it just so? Are we happy with this? Oh, it could use a little spice and maybe a few more minutes in the mic. Instinctively, we know this is not our authentic selves. We tire of that slightly disgruntled state, of always wanting for something slightly different from what is. We so long to be whole – unfractured.

That’s what I want for you today, everyday, and every time I blog – for you to feel whole. I want all the pain and suffering to stop. I want the gaps where fear and lack lives to be filled again with love. I want you to spring up out of bed each morning. Look yourself in the eyes in the bathroom mirror and say, “I love you! You are great and this is going to be the best day ever!”  You are completely deserving of this kind of wholeness – this kind of sweetness of spirit. Not only are you deserving — you are already whole.  Just beyond your thoughts and beliefs – the net of your mind – you are loving, peaceful, fearless and stronger than you can imagine.

Your authentic self is love.  We see it early. Babies reach out for things. They want to find it, know it, love it. They rush toward the new and unknown. That’s when we can see aspects of our true authentic selves before they get covered over by the world’s programming.  Think about young kids before they become self-aware. They’re curious, creative, authentically confident, giving, expressive, loving and fearless – divine in every way.

How do we get back to the love?

Breathe Control is Life Control – This is wisdom from the sages. When you notice the chatter of the mind, and know it will just cloud your peace and natural bliss, take some long controlled breathes and turn your mind away from the thoughts. Focusing on the breath helps clear the mind. Although this technique has been known for thousands of years, there is now neuroscience to back it up.

We actually have two competing brain networks, and when one’s activity goes up, the other goes down. The medial prefrontal cortex network is much about self-rumination, self-judgment. Whereas, the lateral prefrontal cortex network, that can be exercised by focusing on our body sensations, creates equanimity. That’s why focus on long controlled breaths helps clear the mind. If you practice this throughout the day you will have a mechanism that can always return you to your natural state of inner peace and strength.

Giving & Gratitude – These two activities are steeped in love, and thus bring you back to your natural state. They raise your frequency and cause you to feel good about yourself and your circumstances – worthy, blessed – whole.

Forgive Yourself – We all make mistakes. Please be kind to yourself and go lightly. You always do the best you can with what knowledge you have at the time. You always do better as you know better. Truly, whatever the hurt is, it is in the past. The past is no longer here.  Thinking about it or dwelling on it, won’t change a thing. Love yourself. Be sweet to yourself and let it go. Know that you always have good intentions and are a good person.

You are love at your core. Carry that with you. It is your truth.

Know that your natural state is also that of the other – Knowing your natural state allows you to know what is at the core of everyone else with whom you come in contact. This helps to keep judgments away. See the spirit in them as the spirit in you. Look beyond their mind and whatever level of delusion they may have going on. The core state is the universal state. It’s all love.

Namaste and blessings!

Sandra M. Bell