So, if you were to ask me “Of all the therapeutic modalities, why did you choose to become a master accredited hypnotherapist?” the answer would be simple. Most of the ideas, perceptions and limiting beliefs that we want to change don’t reside in the conscious mind. They’ve become part of our subconscious programming, much of which was absorbed before we even had conscious filters to throw out bad ideas and ways of behaving in the world. Long story short, I don’t think there is a better way to reach and replace our old negative beliefs and programming than hypnotherapy (or guided hypnosis) … let me explain why…

In addition to absorbing beliefs and ways of being in the world when we are very young, this programming or our self-concept was also built by our interpretations of events in our life along the way – assessments we’ve made about ourselves and labels we’ve given ourselves due to how we interpreted outcomes along the way. The subconscious is a total yes-man and believes everything the conscious mind tells it – whatever the conscious mind proclaims as ‘true’. So, as we experience setbacks or failures, small or large over time, the conscious mind makes assessments and snap judgements about who we are and what we are capable of and these pile up to form our self-concept/self-image.

So say we do poorly on a math test and the conscious mind thinks “Oh, well I’m just not good at math”. Boom! A belief is established and all sorts of possibilities are eliminated. Why? Because we act in accordance with our beliefs. And, the subconscious falls in line with our beliefs – whatever they are. Say, you overhear your mother say to another mother “Little Suzy has to study longer than most to make the good grades.” What might Suzy think about herself? “Oh, I’m a little slower than most. It takes me longer to absorb concepts.” Will this belief influence her choices, her path, her study habits, her work and on and on. Oh yes – it most definitely will.

Let’s say early in your career you worked long and hard to make a big deal happen and for whatever reason it collapsed and didn’t go through for you. You may have made assessments or judgments about that event like “Oh, I never get the big deals,” or “Big deals are just not worth the effort. I’m best off going after the small and mid-sized deals,” or “Big deals are just too risky or hard to get.” Can you see how the snap judgment could affect and direct your entire career and the level of success you are able to achieve? Beliefs dictate the size and scope of our goals and ultimately the trajectory of our lives.

People always feel, act and behave in line with what they believe to be true about themselves, the world and their circumstances. This eliminates a lot of amazing possibility, and shuts down avenues and even super highways to our dreams and aspirations.
And, hypnotherapy gives us many effective tools and techniques to reach, focus, and make positive change in the subconscious mind where those beliefs have become programs on autopilot.

The great thing about hypnosis is it slows the brain waves down which makes the subconscious more receptive to the conscious changes you wish to make. Also, it employs techniques of focused imagination so you can see and visualize yourself in the new role you’d like to inhabit or exhibiting the traits or talents you’d like to possess. As science has shown, anything you vividly imagine can be seen by the brain as just as real as if it has happened. This is why great atheletes spend time in visualizing their performance. Evoking vivid imagination is incredibly empowering and effective in shaping new beliefs, a new reality and an upgraded self concept – even upgraded skills and abilities.

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Sandra M. Bell