create inner peaceI’ve read the works of many sages who use the phrase “Worlds emerge and submerge.” And, for a long time, I puzzled over its meaning. Certainly, one way to interpret it is that there are continually universes and worlds being destroyed and created. So, you can take it as another way of saying “Consciousness creates a transient space. Things change. Know this and find your peace in flux and regardless of flux.”

I’ve found an akin meaning that is more personal, and I think you’ll find it useful. There is a lot of inner peace that can come from that statement as a life philosophy.

As expressions of the infinite, we create our own world. The underlying divine qualities are common to all. But, the ego structure that develops for us from factors within our early environment and world experiences give us unique perspective. No two people will ever see the same event in exactly the same way. The ego-structure is a lens through which we perceive our world, people and events. It’s a filter that very much determines how we experience life.

Think of your life as your world. It really is, isn’t it?! No matter what transpires, who is always there to witness it? You are. The common denominator in your world is always you. You are the one who is always there for every event in your world. You do all the perceiving and experiencing and all other worlds revolve around you and your perspective. They pass in and out of your orbit.

Take, for instance, my husband. He has his world and I have mine. You may think, “How odd! Don’t you share a world?” No, not really. Even though we share our lives, he goes to work and I go to work and we experience different people, challenges, events, conversations, victories and even scenery. At night, our orbits overlap. But, even sharing a meal or watching a movie together, we are picking up only a fraction of what is transpiring and the experiences are very much filtered through our own ego-minds. Even though the unconscious mind can take in a lot at any given moment, our working memory, our immediate conscious state, can only hold about 4 things at a time, according to a study published in 2008 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Each person is picking up just a little of what is transpiring at any given moment and processing them differently based on their particular perspective.

So while watching the same show on TV, I may be focused on what the heroine is wearing or what my hair may look like if cut the same way, while my husband may be thinking about putting a load of laundry in or why the bad guy didn’t choose a faster car. Our worlds overlap, in those moments. But, his world is still uniquely his and mine is definitely mine.

So, you may be thinking, “Where’s the massive peace that comes in with that philosophy?” Think of the changeful nature of consciousness. Everything is always in transition – ever changing. And you are experiencing the transience of it all from your perspective. Things will move into your world view and move out. It happens all day long. And, as long as you hold no attachment or hold on loosely – it’s all good. Cie la vie – your world turns and things will come into your orbit and will go. This is the essence of the phrase we’re discussing.

The peace comes in embracing this truth and flowing with what is here now, knowing that everything is only here now or for a short time. It’s like the advice the sages give for being happy — “Want what you have and don’t want what you don’t have.” It really is that simple. Life is like a slide show. Be happy and at peace with what is in front of you, right here, right now. It has entered your orbit for your enjoyment or evolution and it will leave.

A picture paints a thousand words. So, let me give a real life example. This is how I realized that in many ways, I’m now living the philosophy – “World’s will emerge and submerge” (most of the time). Used to I would be somewhat offended if someone did not call me back. That’s an ego thing right?! You don’t want to be marginalized or disrespected. Well, about a week ago, I had a thought cross my mind – “You have calls out to about four people and haven’t heard from any of them.” And, it had been a few days. It seems that Source will continually hand us a particular thought or lesson until we’ve finally learned it. When I had the above mentioned thought, I just smiled to myself and disregarded it. I’m happy with whoever or whatever is in my immediate orbit and when they are not, I don’t think about them. What’s funny is, as soon as I dismissed the thought as laughable, I heard from all four people later that evening. That’s the beauty of non-attachment. Why even think about what is not in your immediate orbit? It only pulls you away from the magnificence of the moment.

When we see the other worlds currently crossing our paths as transient, we are better able to enjoy and appreciate them while they are right in front of us. And, this helps us remain open for the next experience of ‘now’ as that next new moon rises. Makes sense, right? The ‘worlds emerge and submerge’ philosophy helps us enjoy the now, and that acceptance helps in future manifestations of peace and joy.

Friends, I hope you find meaning and bliss in what crosses your orbit. And, if unpleasantness crosses your path, know that it will eventually submerge. You are powerful and can choose to live above whatever arises. May many moons align for your blessings!

Sandra M Bell