inner voiceOkay you guys, last night I had the most bizarre and disturbing dream and I just have to share. I dreamed I was talking to a lady at our workout club, at least it kind of resembled our rec center here in Grapevine. We were on the second floor near a balcony. I didn’t recognize the lady. You know how sometimes dreams have characters you’ve never met.

Well, I couldn’t hear any of the words that were being spoken even though we were obviously talking. Then, I noticed she had a little baby in her arms. As I recognized this and smiled up at her questioning, she opened up her arms so that I could see the baby. It was probably about a week old and extremely tiny, not even 12 inches long. As she opened up her arms so that I could see, the baby started wriggling around and the lady started to lose her hold on the infant. She caught the baby by the arm. I started to feel a rush of alarm. Then it wriggled again and popped out of her grasp once again! She just barely caught it this time by the foot, as it was definitely heading for the floor that time. Just as we looked at each other and started to feel relief, the baby squirmed and twisted again. This time the writhing popped the baby out of her hands. The lady grasped for it, but it went up and over the balcony railing.

Uggh! I was so mortified! I couldn’t look and just walked away. That was the end of the dream. I of course woke up upset, wondering to myself “What the heck? Seriously, what the heck!”  I went to workout as usual at The Rec, and my mind couldn’t help but mull over the dream and what it could have possibly meant. It was a haunting and vivid recollection.

On the way home, it hit me. I have had some starts and stops on various projects over the last year. I’d start one, then change my mind and decide it was not the right time or the right thing for me. Finally, a little over a week ago, I dove into one of my true passions and started writing a course on inner peace. Now, you know this is up my alley, right! So, as of yesterday the project is about ”a week old”. I think my higher self was saying, hold on to your “baby”. It’s going to feel a little out of control sometimes, but stick with it, hold on to it. And, yes, I will! I plan on holding on to this one. I’m going to nurture it, give it my full attention and make sure it grows up to be a meaningful, purposeful part of society. But, dang – that was an extreme way to message that to me!

Oddly enough, that’s not the first time this week I had a dream that was jolting and disturbing and that I would consider a message. I had one about a friend too that was troubling and I took it as a sign to reach out to her. In dreams the subconscious can come forth to our conscious mind.

I’m glad that the drastic wakeup calls I’ve gotten from higher self lately have been in dreams and not in real life. Because what I’ve realized over the years is that the Source is not dedicated to nonviolence. In other words, if we need a wakeup call, Source has a much longer-term perspective than we do – infinite really. This life is but a blip. I try to hear the little messages so as to avoid the big, bad, real-time communications that can be life-rattling or so devastating that I have to rebuild from the ashes.

As always, I hope this post will serve you. If you’ve had any wakeup-call-sort-of-communications lately, please share them below in the comments!! Blessings!

Sandra M Bell

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