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Hi. I’m Sandra M Bell, master accredited hypnotherapist and integrative life coach. Most likely I do not reside in your hometown. But, none the less, a close working relationship is easy (thanks to modern technology). You’ll find our sessions powerful and effective. Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to experience my work on Youtube!

I love helping people do the inner work to replace old, unconscious and unwanted programming so they can breakthrough to the empowered, authentic life they know is possible.


Inner work for next-level you.



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The blog is where you can find hypnotherapy recordings from my Youtube channel, my articles on authentic alignment, inner peace, how to cultivate a positive mind, overcome fear, become more resilient, cultivate better relationships and more. 

“One month later, you’re words are still with me! Thank you for driving 200 miles to share your beautiful SPIRIT and WISDOM. Moved, touched and enlightened — thanks to YOU!”

Anna Maria Garcia

Audience Member

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Why Hypnotherapy To Go Next-Level

So, if you were to ask me “Of all the therapeutic modalities, why did you choose to become a master accredited hypnotherapist?” the answer would be simple. Most of the ideas, perceptions and limiting beliefs that we want to change don’t reside in the conscious mind....

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Less Stress. More Success. Guided Hypnosis Meditation

Happy New Year! I just posted a very relaxing stress reduction hypnosis video for you. It is a guided hypnosis meditation for more success with less stress. This powerful hypnotherapy session will take you on a guided meditation journey to reduce stress, anxiety and...

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Two Strong Inner Peace Practices

Practices for inner peace are a sign of self-love and self-worth. You garner practices for inner peace for your well-being, your heart and soul – to make your journey on this planet easier and more pleasant. Because let’s face it, the road is not always lined with...

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Cues from Nature on Weathering the Storm

I was recently at the beach during Hurricane Harvey. Luckily the storm missed Gulf Shores, Alabama while I was there. I was there with a group of my high school girlfriends. It was the first time we’d ever planned an out of state trip together. And, we were fired up...

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Authentic Definition: Gabrielle Bernstein

Today is our second edition of "Authentic Definition". This time it is featuring Gabby Bernstein, a motivational speaker and best-selling author. I read from her book "The Universe Has Your Back". I think you'll really appreciate the clip because it is a small,...

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“I’ve heard Ms. Bell speak to women about living purposeful and empowered lives. I was inspired, everyone was, and I think any women’s group should book her if they get an opportunity. Highly inspirational!”

Cindy Irvin

Country Club Consultant

“Stress is an issue with each and every one of us with the related toll on our time and lives and way of life . . . Your passionate presentation focused our membership on ways to address the stress in our lives and techniques for reducing and/or eliminating stress and the effects it has on us . . . All in attendance benefited from your time with our club membership . . Thanks for sharing with us.”

Frank M. McLaughlin III

Event Director